Unsung Frontline Heroes Awards

Let us shine a light on our Unsung Heroes across the region!


We say thank you to those heroes who stood on the frontline to serve, protect and provide or care for us during this global COVID-19 pandemic.

Within our communities, there are persons who worked courageously and tirelessly on the frontlines during these daunting and uncertain times.  

This is your opportunity to recognise and be a part of awarding them for their valient efforts.


Nominate an Unsung Hero

We invite you to nominate an Unsung Hero in your community in any of the three categories:


Medical Services

  • Public Health Officials; doctors; nurses, orderlies; ambulance & emergency response crews; laboratory technicians; or other professionals within these areas of work  

Protection Services

  • Police officers; soldiers; customs; immigration; security guards; or other professionals within similar areas of work

Community Worker

  • Individuals who initiated food-drives; supermarket workers; individuals who provided financial assistance or shelter; understanding landlords, persons who assisted communities during the COVID-19 pandemic

View the Unsung Frontline Heroes Award Terms & Conditions for specific details on the competition and the eligibility of your nominee.

Get started with your nomination

Complete the nomination form                                                                                                                        
Submit a brief write-up, detailing the work of your Unsung Hero                                       

  • Upload a photo of your Unsung Hero
  • Persons can only nominate a candidate/s who resides in their country of residence.
  • A person can make multiple submissions. 



The deadline for entries is 15 August, 2020