Ecommerce Price Protection

The E-commerce Price Protection coverage allows you, a Mastercard® Black cardholder to shop with confidence, knowing you may benefit from this coverage.


If you find a lower price for something you bought with your card within [thirty days] (30) days of purchase, you may be eligible for benefits under this coverage. You can be reimbursed for the difference between the price you paid for an item entirely with your eligible Mastercard® Black card and a lower printed advertised price (within your Home Country) or Non-Auction or discount Internet Advertisement for the same item (same brand, market, model name and/or number), in this case, within seven (7) days of the online purchase. 

To Get Coverage:

Use your Mastercard® Black for the entire purchase of a new item. Please be sure to keep your receipts and Warranty paperwork in a safe place.

Coverage is provided only if the cardholder has an eligible open, and in Good Standing account at the time of Purchase of the Covered Purchase.


The Kind of Coverage you Receive:

  • The maximum benefit amount is USD1,000 per incident, subject to a maximum of USD4,000 per Account per twelve (12) month period.
  • Covered Purchases given as gifts are included.
  • Original purchase does not have to be registered.
  • Most purchases you make entirely with your card are covered for Thirty (30) days from the date of purchase (as indicated on the receipt) for the difference between the price you paid and the lower price advertised.
  • Online purchases are covered subject to the Coverage Conditions/Limitations and Exclusions stated in this document.


Coverage Conditions/Limitations

  • A Covered Purchase must be for a minimum of USD50. 
  • The lower price must be on a Printed Advertisement.
  • The Printed Advertisement must be published within Thirty (30) days of the date of your purchase (as indicated on the receipt).
  • The Non-Auction or discount Internet Advertisement must be within seven (7) days of the date of your online purchase (as indicated on the receipt).
  • The benefit is provided for Covered Purchases made within your Home Country.
  • Benefits under this plan do not include merchant's credit, discount and/or manufacturer's rebates, and shipping and handling fees.
  • You must take all reasonable measures to protect, save and/or recover the property. 
  • In no event will benefits from this plan pay more than the actual amount charged for the item.
  • Your Account must be in Good Standing at the time of claim notification and potential claim payment.
  • No person or entity other than the cardholder(s) shall have any legal or equitable right, remedy or claim of insurance proceeds and/or damages under or arising out of this coverage.


What is NOT Covered (Exclusions):

This plan does not provide coverage for any of the following:

  1. Any item with an original purchase price less than USD 50;
  2. Cash, travelers’ check(s), transportation tickets, show tickets, securities and other negotiable instruments, bullion, stamps, lottery tickets or tickets to events, admission or entertainment;
  3. Art, antiques, firearms, and collectable items;
  4. Furs, jewelry, gems, precious stones and articles made of or containing gold (or other precious metals and/or precious stones);
  5. Any perishable item including food, beverages, tobacco and fuel;
  6. Pharmaceutical and other medical products, optical products and medical equipment;
  7. Customized/personalized, unique and one-of-a-kind items;
  8. Any items acquired illegally;
  9. Living animals and plants;
  10. Any motor vehicles including automobiles, boats and airplanes, and any equipment and/or parts necessary for their operation and/or maintenance;
  11. Land, permanent structures and fixtures (including but not limited to buildings, homes, dwellings, and building and home improvements);
  12. Any services you may purchase (including but not limited to the performance or rendering of labor or maintenance, repair or installation of products, goods or property, or professional advice of any kind);
  13. Internet purchases or advertisements IF; 
    1. Any difference of price less than USD 50.
    2. Any products purchased from an Internet site whose primary purpose is not the sale of merchandise
    3. Any products purchased from an Internet site that is not registered in the Issuing Territory of the Mastercard® Black Account.
    4. Any products purchased from an Internet Auction or discount site
  14. Products purchased outside of cardholder’s Home Country;
  15. Shipping and/or transportation costs or price differences due to shipping, handling costs and sales tax;
  16. The price difference from an advertisement outside of cardholder’s Home Country or in a Duty Free zone;
  17. Used, antique, recycled, previously owned, rebuilt, or re-manufactured items, whether or not you knew the item was used, antique, recycled, previously owned, rebuilt, or re-manufactured;
  18. Items advertised in or as result of "limited quantity," "going out-of-business sales," "cash only" or "close out" advertisements, items shown on price lists or price quotes, cost savings as a result of package offer, manufacturer's coupons, employees discount, or free items, or where the advertised price includes bonus or free offers, special financing, installation or rebate, or one-of-a-kind or other limited offers;  
  19. Any price difference found with an item sold as a special deal available only to the members of specific organizations or anywhere not open to the public, such as clubs and associations, other than those available with your payment card;
  20. Items purchased for resale, professional, or commercial use;
  21. Items advertised with rebate, redeemable manufacturer's coupon, or any refund of any sort, in which case your purchase price will be determined by taking into account any such rebate or refund.
  22. Cards that are co-branded with traditional or online retailers, distributors, wholesalers, product manufacturers, buying groups/clubs, or membership clubs.
  23. The Company and/or corresponding Reinsurer, if applicable, will not be liable to provide any coverage or        make any payment hereunder if to do so would be in violation of any sanctions law or regulation which would expose The Company and/or corresponding Reinsurer, if applicable, its parent company or its ultimate controlling entity to any penalty under any sanctions law or regulation.


How to File a Claim:

In the event of a claim, the following procedures should be followed:


  1. You (Cardholder) or the beneficiary or someone legally acting on behalf of either, must notify us as required in the Claim Notification Period, or your claim may be denied - Upon receipt of a notice of claim, the Plan Administrator, Claims Administrator or Insurance Company, will furnish to a claimant the necessary Claim Form(s);
  2. Complete the Claim Form(s) in its entirety signed and dated;
  3. Submit all Required Information (proof of loss), as outlined in this section no later than the Submission Period.



For assistance with filing a claim, please call the specific Mastercard Global Service™ toll-free number for your country, or call direct, or collect, to the United States at: 1-636-722–8883 (English); 1-636-722-8882 (Español); 1-636-722-8881(Português).

Claim Notification Period for Covered Purchases, except Online: Within [number of days] (30) days from the date of discovery

Claim Notification Period for Covered Online Purchases: Within seven (7) days from the date of discovery.

Submission Period: No later than Thirty (30) days from the date of Claim Notification.

Required Information (proof of loss):


  1. An original purchase receipt showing payment of the item was made entirely with the eligible Mastercard® Black card;
  2. The original and legible copy of the Printed Advertisement or Non-Auction or discount Internet Advertisement, evidencing the difference in price between the Insured’s item and the same (make, model, style) of the lower priced item;
  3. The cardholder statement of account evidencing the eligibility at the time of Purchase of the Covered Purchase.