Welcome to the world of CIBC Caribbean Mastercard Prepaid Cards

The CIBC Caribbean Mastercard Prepaid Card is a multi-purpose, preloaded debit card that can be used for payroll, disbursements and social benefits. It is:

  • a safe, simple, and paperless alternative to cash and cheques
  • enhanced capability to load and reload funds to the card
  • equipped with Contactless Payment capability and Chip & PIN feature to provide stronger security, better fraud protection and worldwide acceptance. 


With the Mastercard Prepaid card, you can enjoy unparalleled purchasing power by having easy access to your funds...  

  • At home
  • Online
  • And anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted

The card is equipped with Contactless Payment capability and Chip & PIN feature to provide stronger security, better fraud protection and worldwide acceptance.


Card Disputes

Need to dispute a transaction on your card? Complete the Cardholder Dispute Form and submit it to the CIBC Caribbean Dispute mailbox

Activate Your Card & Select Your PIN

On receipt of your new CIBC Caribbean Mastercard Prepaid card:

  • Activate the card before first use by calling the number on the back of your card and following the voice prompts
  • Select your own PIN immediately. Select a PIN that will not be easily guessed by others. Avoid using simple combinations like 1234 or your birth date, car registration number, etc
  • Never keep your PIN with your card and never disclose it to anyone else. You should memorise it and do not write it down
  • Never tell the merchant your PIN or allow them to enter it for you. Never give your PIN when paying for goods or services by phone, post or online

Restricted PINs:


0000 4444
0100 5000
0123 5555
1000 6000
1111 6666
1234 7000
2000 7777
2222 8000









How To Use Your Card  

You can use your card to make purchases locally, online, when you travel and to withdraw cash at ATMs

  1. Swipe or Insert your card at point-of-sale terminals locally or internationally to pay for your purchases.  

  2. Tap your card at point-of-sale terminals for contactless payments for faster transactions and increased convenience

How To Protect Your Card

Safety Features

  • Chip and Pin- All CIBC Caribbean Mastercard prepaid cards use Chip and PIN technology which enhances their security. Your card contains an embedded microchip to encrypt information, making it more difficult for unauthorised users to copy or access card data.


  • Alerts - You will receive a SMS alert every time you card is used. Please check these alerts and call our Customer Care team to freeze your card if you notice any unauthorised use. 


Remember to:

  • Keep track of your card
  • Check your statement carefully
  • Always take your receipts
  • Keep your PIN safe

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