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Cash Management Solutions

At CIBC FirstCaribbean we offer simple, cost-effective payment solutions that make it easy for your clients to purchase your products and services and to help your business grow.

Every company wants to be easy to do business with. Benefit from the latest in transaction processing technology, products and services customised to suit your needs:

  • Payment Processing Solutions
  • Fraud and Security Protection
  • Merchant Rewards
  • Merchant Services Overdraft

Optimize Your Business
  • 24-hour Authorisation Support via our in-house contact centre, managed and supported by knowledgeable professionals 7 days a week
  • Fast, easy, reliable and secure payment options to suit your business needs
  • Reduce risks of fraud and returned cheques
  • Next-day cash access
  • Maximise customer spend and increase sales
  • Reduce the handling of cash at your business
  • Process all major card types: Visa | MasterCard | Discover | American Express | Diners | Local Debit | Network Branded debit cards

Payment Processing Solutions

CIBC FirstCaribbean has flexible payment options to support all business sectors including: retail, tourism and hospitality, financial services, public, professional services and contractors.

Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals
  • Wired Terminals:

These terminals function as printer solutions, generate sales totals and can process dual currency payments. Connectivity can be achieved through your Internet connection, dial-up.

  • Wireless Terminals:

These are driven by GPRS or Wi-Fi connectivity and are ideal for businesses on the move that want to process payments anytime, anywhere.

  • Grow your online customer base by integrating this option within your website. Installation is simple! You can start accepting credit cards online in just a few days. Choose a design template to match your brand.
  • Included in our package are 3D Secure and Address Verification Service (AVS) which help to protect your business from fraud. All transactions are processed in real-time.

PC-Based Processing
  • Process credit cards through your own computer system with one of the gateways integrated to our processing platform.

Your business will benefit from:
  • Detailed reporting and accounting
  • The ability to create user profiles for greater access control

All of the above payment options are supported by electronic statements to make reconciliation of your business transactions simple. Our technical team will work with your company to ensure seamless implementation of the right solution for your business.

Fraud & Security Protection

Fraud detection, data security and privacy are of paramount importance to you and your business and CIBC FirstCaribbean continues to lead the field.

Our innovative, electronic payment solutions help to ensure that transactions are processed in a secure environment and allow your business to grow without unnecessary risk.

CIBC FirstCaribbean operates within the global Card Association's rules for cardholder account data protection - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS). We also work with merchants to ensure they are certified and compliant.


We use encryption and tokenisation technology to protect transaction information from the increasing threat of card fraud.

Merchant Rewards

Give your clients more value for money by becoming a CIBC FirstCaribbean Rewards Merchant Partner.

Your business will have the opportunity to increase sales by offering bonus points to our cardholders for their purchases.

These rewards are redeemable:
  • For cash back to their account balance
  • As a donation to a listed charity
  • For travel
  • For purchases at leading online merchants
How it works:
  • Affiliate merchants have the opportunity to reach thousands of new clients through programme advertising targeting our credit cardholders
  • There is no risk and no upfront fees as reward points are only funded when a purchase is made
  • You have the ability to set the terms and conditions of your offer
  • Participation in the programme is easy with no training or system changes required

Merchant Services Overdraft