(Currently available only in Jamaica)

Sure, a typical wedding registry might be all about pots, pans and furnishings but what if you’re saving for something a bit bigger?

CIBC offers brides and grooms the opportunity to set up a wedding registry to save funds for their new home together. This way, your wedding guests can give you the gift of savings. If you’re starting your new life with big dreams like owning your own home this brilliant idea can really help you on that journey.


First, congratulations on your new engagement! Now it’s time to start planning your big day!

One of the first things you should do is open a Local or Foreign Currency Savings Account. We recommend you open this account before sending out invitations, and certainly prior to your wedding. Normal account opening procedures apply.

Once you’ve set the big day, decided on the perfect location and are ready to send your invites, make sure you include a Bridal Registry Card along with your wedding invitation. This card provides your account information and will tell your guests that you prefer to accept money contributions to your account in lieu of gifts.

Using the Bridal Registry Card, your guests will make a contribution to your account, and will be provided with a gift certificate reflecting that contribution. They can present the gift certificate to you.

Enjoy your big day, and then see your mortgage down payment funds take an upwards leap! You can visit any branch or use convenient Online Banking to view your balance at anytime.

Even if you don’t accumulate enough money to apply for a mortgage loan immediately, you can certainly continue saving towards home ownership with your account.

Rather than traditional gifts, the Bridal Registry Account lets you save for something a bit bigger – a downpayment on your home.

  • Useful for couples who are saving for a home, even if they haven’t chosen the perfect house yet
  • Continue saving using the account after your wedding


A Bridal Registry takes the stress out of saving for the “big stuff”, and is suitable for couples who may already have enough of the “small stuff”.

Get in touch now to start your Bridal Registry.

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