Business Overdraft

Easy-access short term financing

A Business Overdraft provides flexible and easy-access short term financing when available funds fall short of your needs. No need to ask for a loan; the business overdraft is there for your convenience.


How does it work?

We make it simple and straightforward for you.

  • You are not tied to specific dates for drawdown or repayment
  • The maximum term is twelve months, but you can renew prior to expiry
  • The annual fee for this service gives good value for money
  • Pay the interest charges only on the funds you use, and only for as long as you have them
  • No transfer fee




  business-overdraft image

Key Benefits

  • Receive easy access to working capital. Within an agreed overdraft limit, finance is available without restriction.
  • Significantly enhance the ease of cash flow management with this short-term revolving solution

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