Investment Advisory Services

Investing is a multifaceted process. It involves numerous decisions related to your goals and objectives, including risk tolerance, asset allocation, investment selection and tax impact. Your CIBC Investment Advisor can provide you with sophisticated investment solutions that simplify the process and the management of your portfolio. With your Investment Advisor as your guide you will have access to the tools and resources required to reach your financial goals.


CIBC’s Mosaic Advisory Program (MAP) is an innovative advisory program designed to meet the unique needs of offshore investors. Mosaic offers private and institutional clients capabilities that are unlike anything else currently offered in the region.

As its name suggests, Mosaic outsources expertise from multiple leaders within their fields and then combines these components to deliver investors one clear strategy, all within a single account.

Similar to the largest investment dealers in America, Mosaic employs Unified Managed Account (UMA) technology, supported by financial technology leader, Fiserv.  However, Mosaic has the distinction of being the first to use an enhanced version of this technology that’s designed to accommodate the unique investment and currency requirements of offshore investors.

UMA technology helps to evaluate and match each client’s investment goals with an appropriate investment model.  These portfolio models are then constructed by CIBC, drawing upon the ongoing market analysis and asset allocation expertise of Morgan Stanley. The models may include multiple passive investments (offshore ETF’s), offshore mutual funds and, in some case, separately managed accounts... all within one account.

Morgan Stanley also assists with the recommendation and ongoing analysis of the investment products and world class third-party investment management options that are screened from 1000’s of candidates.

Mosaic recognizes the critical role that asset allocation plays in determining a portfolio’s overall performance. Accordingly, the program’s disciplined technology systematically rebalances each client’s portfolio to their current intended allocation. One comprehensive, consolidated performance report is then provided to investors on an ongoing basis.

For more details on Mosaic contact our International Investment Advisors


Paul Michael Jenkins

International Investment Advisor, Private Wealth Management

Tel: 246 367-2042  










The Bahamas

Brent Haines

International Investment Advisor, Private Wealth Management

Tel: 242 397-8206  










The Cayman Islands

Fernando F. Cugliari

International Investment Advisor, Private Wealth Management

Tel: 345 815-2330  


Dan Peterson

Senior Relationship Manager Advisor,

Private Wealth Management

Tel: 345 815-2329  





Aldrin Cornelia

Wealth Manager

Tel: 5999 433-8232  


Janine Lacle

Account Manager, Wealth Management

Tel: 5999 433-8296  






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