CIBC Caribbean 1st Insights

Personalised insights into your account activity that keep you on track of your financial goals. 


Personal, predictive and proactive guidance.  With CIBC Caribbean 1st Insights, you will receive a daily feed to your  financial wellness at your fingertips.  It gives you tailored, real-time information about your finances based on your savings or chequing account activity serving up the insights that matter most to you.

Now included in CIBC Caribbean Online Banking and our Mobile App. Terms and Conditions apply.



Our clients are more than just accounts. To us, you are unique individuals with your own financial needs and goals. CIBC Caribbean 1st Insights takes a personal approach to how you view your finances by offering financial insights into how you spend

1st Insights will monitor your finances and offer insights that guide you to stay on track with your budget. Here are a few insights we offer to help you stay informed. 


Build your savings   Track your expenses


We will cheer you on every step of the way as you save towards your goals. The Monthly Savings Summary insight will let you know how much money you have in your account over the past months, and how much you did or did not save during the previous month.





Our Monthly Spend Comparison insight will provide you with a summary of your total monthly expenses, together with a monthly comparision. This insight helps you track which months you spent more or less than average.





Avoid Surprises    Budgeting made easy



You may miss when a subscription goes up because it all happens automatically on your account. The insights tool will help you identify these changes with the subscription price increase insight. It will show you what you were previously spending and what the new amount is. 

  Budget insights keep you on track with what you're spending and where you're spending it.

Have questions about 1st Insights? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions 


 How to get started:                                            


Sign on to the CIBC Caribbean Online Banking or our Mobile App


Select "1st Insights"


Get a better picture of your finances


Select "1st Insights" from the quick action buttons.

Don't have our Mobile App? Download today   apple app store icon   to bank via tablet or mobile device. It's easy, convenient and secure. 


Follow the guided tour to get set up.



CIBC Caribbean 1st Insights will analyse your account transactions and deliver personalised tips regularly to your feed. 


Watch our "Getting started with CIBC Caribbean 1st Insights" video to learn more!





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