Manage Your Visa or MasterCard Credit Card

Keep track of your transactions digitally

We've made it easy for you to manage your Visa or MasterCard credit cards with our digital banking services. CIBC FirstCaribbean Online Banking and our Mobile App makes managing your credit card easy and convenient.


See our Credit Card Cardholder Agreement

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Add a Cardholder

Use the below forms to add a Cardholder to your personal Credit Card.

General   For clients in Jamaica
Additional Cardholder Application Form   Additional Cardholder Application Form
Add a minor to your Credit Card (persons 17 years and under) -Additional Cardholder Application Form   Add a minor to your Credit Card (persons 17 years and under)- Additional Cardholder Application Form


Track your Visa & MasterCard transactions

  • Log-on to Online Banking or our Mobile App to activate Card Security Controls for your Visa & MasterCard credit cards:
  • Activate these features to keep track of your card transactions:


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Receive alerts on all transactions

or Receive Alerts or Block transactions for Online | International | Declined


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Freeze your card

Use the freeze option if you've misplaced your card, believe it to be stolen or think there are unauthorised charges on the card. Once you've enabled the freeze your card option be sure to call us and let us know at our Card Centre especially if you think fraud is being committed. 


Card Disputes

Need to dispute a transaction on your card? Complete the Cardholder Dispute Form and submit it to the CIBC FirstCaribbean Care mailbox


Credit Card Payments

Paying your credit card via Online Banking or the Mobile App gives you instant access to your funds once your payment is successful. It is easy, so give it a try. 

Don’t have an account with us? Now you can pay your credit card bill with ease. Simply visit any of our branch ABMs in your country and follow these easy steps:

  • Insert your credit card into the ABM
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select transaction: Credit Card Payment
  • Enter the amount of the payment (envelope dispenses or machine)
  • Enclose payment along with payment stub from your card statement or write your name and credit card number on the front of the envelope
  • Seal envelope and place in depository slot
  • Take receipt after transaction is completed


Would you like to set up automatic payments? Complete the Auto-Payment Agreement Application Form