Raising capital through Debt Underwriting

Debt Underwriting allows companies to raise capital, which is useful for:

  • bringing products to market
  • business expansion 
  • equipment upgrades and more.

Underwriters buy and sell debt securities. Typically, you may choose to either sell equity such as shares – called Equity Financing - or engage a debt in the form of a loan from an interested investor

How does Debt Underwriting work?

Our experienced team of professionals will analyse your business and the climate in which it operates to best advise you on the structure and execution of your debt underwriting. Whether your company is in need of capital for acquisitions, internal growth, recapitalisations, or buyouts, our highly skilled and dedicated underwriters can arrange the most appropriate financing.

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Why Debt Underwriting at CIBC?

Benefits of our Debt Underwriting service include:

  • Quick execution
  • Delayed amortisation
  • Flexible covenant packages 
  • Confidentiality, and pre-packaged documentation

The debt private placement market is a fully negotiated source of long-term debt capital that can be raised without the time and expense of Securities Commission registration. Debt Underwriting also allows the company to retain ownership by offering an alternative to selling equity.


Debt Underwriting Capabilities

We offer the following Debt Underwriting Capabilities:

  • Senior unsecured notes
  • Senior secured notes
  • Lease-backed notes
  • Asset-backed notes
  • Subordinated notes
  • Bond issuance


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