Fraud Alerts 

Report Online Fraud

To report suspected fraud, or if you think you have been a victim of fraud (e-mail fraud, text message fraud, identity fraud, phishing, spyware):


Send an email to:

  • Describe the fraudulent incident
  • Attach or include any fraudulent e-mails you received or anti-virus/anti-spyware scan logs


Online Fraud Alerts

There are "phishing" e-mails currently in circulation targeting many financial services clients, including CIBC FirstCaribbean Online Banking clients. CIBC FirstCaribbean wants to assure our clients that authorities are notified regarding messages targeted at our clients.

As some phishing sites have been known to distribute malicious software, we strongly recommend that you do not select the links provided in a phishing e-mail, as visiting these sites could place your computer at risk. We also recommend that you regularly check your deposit accounts and credit card statements to ensure that all transactions are legitimate.

These are recent fraud alerts we have received. Select the message subject to review the related message.


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