Business Term & Revolving Loan Financing

Business loans: critical to your company's success

We provide funding for growth for various business purposes including for the acquisition of productive assets and business equipment, operations and marketing is a frequent cause of business failure.

Our Relationship Managers understand your industry needs and have the experience to provide you with the best financial solutions for your business.


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 Features of our Business Premium Loan

  • Maximum term is flexible and may be extended in exceptional circumstances
  • Amortization periods, repayment structure and collateral may be customised
  • Typically a down payment is required
  • Loans may be structured as Demand Loans (callable on demand and reviewed annually)  or Committed Loan Facilities (which involve a commitment fee)



Key Benefits of a Business Premium Loan

  • Loan financing customised to your business and cash flows 
  • Competitive interest rates and pricing linked to market
  • Relationship with bankers able to support you as your business evolves




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