Raising capital through Equity Financing:


Equity Financing

Equity Financing -  when  a company sells its shares in order to raise necessary capital. Unlike Debt Underwriting, Equity Financing is not a loan.


Why use Equity Financing?

Equity Financing can be a particularly useful form of capital raising for young businesses that do not yet have revenue, cash flow or significant assets. By selling equity, a business can get the financing it needs to really get off the ground, and provide attractive returns for its investors.


Why choose CIBC for Equity Financing?

CIBC is a leading underwriter of regional equity and equity-related financings for corporations across the Caribbean. Our leadership in equity underwriting is the product of our superior technical and transactional experience in investment banking, our strong execution capabilities in equity capital markets, and our focused and in-depth understanding of individual client needs.

Our investment banking professionals work with issuers seeking to raise capital through equity or equity-related securities in an advisory capacity to determine the price and size of an offering, often committing the firm's own capital. We ensure that investing clients have access to the best new issue products being offered and to our strong distribution capabilities.

We are committed to providing high quality financial advisory services by focusing on the individual needs of our clients through innovative financings, strategic advice, capital markets expertise, and strong transactional experience.

Call CIBC today to see how you can avoid needless market risks and plan for your business' future. Let's talk. Contact us >.


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