Wire Transfers Tips

Here are a few tips to help you receive funds via Wire Transfer quickly and easily


Provide the sender with your Bank's Name, Address and Branch

Ensure that all details of the beneficiary's Bank information are entered correctly; enter the institution's full name, address and branch

Provide the sender with your entire account number

The length of the account number may vary between territories. Be sure to provide the sender with the entire account number for the account receiving the funds. Your account number can be found once you've logged on to Online Banking. 

Provide the sender with your full name & address 

The beneficiary's name and address must be an exact match to the information on the account, including any initials in the name or numbers in the address.

P.O.Box information is not permitted.

Provide the sender with your Bank's BIC/Swift code

Bank Identifier Code {BIC) or Swift Codes are used in International Wire Transfers and vary by territory. 

The beneficiary's country's BIC/Swift code can be viewed when you select your country from the list below.

Consider the Wire Transfer fees

Transfer fees are deducted from the wire amount and vary between territories. 



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