Visa Classic Debit

Your CIBC FirstCaribbean Visa Debit Classic card allows you access to your Primary bank  account for point-of-sale transactions  or to withdraw cash at another Bank’s ATM. You can shop or pay bills online as well as at any CIBC FirstCaribbean Instant Teller™ in your home territory you can access both your Primary and Secondary accounts to withdraw cash, transfer funds between accounts, make inquires and deposits.

Accepted here, there, everywhere

Accepted at more than 24 million merchants and 1.8 million ATM in over 200 countries, the Visa Debit card is the most widely used payment card around the world. Now you can enjoy unparalleled purchasing power by having access to your linked bank account at home for your everyday purchases, online or when you travel  anywhere in the world where Visa is accepted.



Convenience & Security

Our cards use Chip & PIN technology (sometimes referred to as EMV) which enhances their security. Your card contains an embedded microchip to encrypt information, making it more difficult for unauthorised users to copy or access the card data. This technology is tested, proven and rapidly becoming the global standard for secure transactions.

Your card also includes Contactless Payment technology that allows you to complete purchases securely and in record time—without having to touch a device.


CIBC FirstCaribbean Debit Cardholder Agreement          |           Frequently Asked Questions

Visa Debit Benefits

Your CIBC FirstCaribbean Visa Debit Card is backed by Visa and the security Visa provides.


For details on all the benefits of your Visa Debit Card, learn more here >>.

Easy Card Activation

You can activate your cards easily with Online Banking and our Mobile App.

With the added convenience of activating your Visa Debit or Credit Cards via Online Banking and the Mobile App, there is no need to visit the branch or call us to activate your card. 

Cardholders simply need to follow these easy steps:  

  • Log on to Online Banking or our Mobile App
  • Select “Manage My Cards”
  • Select “Activate my card” and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Select a PIN during the activation process


At CIBC FirstCaribbean…we make banking easy!

Manage Your Card Transactions

We make it easy for you to track your debit card transactions and look out for any unauthorised activity on your account. 

Log on to Online Banking or the Mobile App to start tracking. Learn more here >>.