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Consider these useful tips to make life more manageable and speak with us about any financial support you may need along the journey.

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Hurricane Preparedness

Is your home storm ready?

✔ Consider acquiring permanent window shutters. They are the best protection for your windows 

✔ Assess the resilience of your roof

✔ Fasten your roof with roof straps, replace damaged shingles or tiles and secure loose ones where necessary

✔ Obtain a water tank which stores an adequate supply of water to meet your household needs

✔ Set your budget, evaluate the cost of materials and installation and gather quotations. 


Green Houses

Have you ever thought of making a kitchen garden or building a green house? 

✔ Determine the most suitable space on your property for its location

✔ Review greenhouse plans and options available on the Internet and select models which may meet your needs

✔ Make a list of all the materials required for your project 

✔ Get an estimate of materials and the cost of labour or construction

✔ An estimate on pots, potting mixtures, soil and an irrigation system will also be helpful in determining your final cost.


Green Lifestyle

Be a green machine

Home energy tips to improve your green lifestyle

✔ Make small and inexpensive lifestyle changes - recycle where possible

✔ Use water saving devices, unplug appliances and devices that aren’t in use

✔ Install solar panels to power your home. This can be a rewarding investment

✔ Convert to energy saving bulbs, this can result in savings on your electricity bill

✔ Research the cost, gather quotations and let’s Talk about the next steps


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