Self-Service Feature

Bank over the phone with Self-Service and Self-Verification

Use your Visa Debit or Credit Cards for our Self-Service features to bank over the phone with added convenience.

  • Call our Customer Care & Sales Centre at 1-866-743-2257. Be sure to have your Visa Debit or Credit card handy.
  • Enter your card PIN when requested.
  • Listen carefully to the automated Menu selection.
  • Select Self-Service to access your account balance, transactions, account summary and make transfers/payments using your savings/chequing accounts and credit cards.


Self-Service Actions

Account Details
Account Balance The account balance on your Chequing or Savings Accounts
Account Transactions The last 10 pending or posted transactions on your Savings or Chequing account
Account Transfer Make a transfer between your own CIBC FirstCaribbean accounts (where available)
Credit Card Details
Credit Card Summary

A summary of your credit card information which includes:

  • Available Balance
  • Minimum Payment & Due Date
  • Most recent payment and date the transaction was processed
  • Statement balance and due date
  • Outstanding balance
  • Credit Limit
Credit Card Transactions The last 10 pending or posted transactions on your credit card
Credit Card Payment Make a payment to your credit card from your CIBC FirstCaribbean Chequing or Savings account (where available)


Pending – A pending transaction is a recent card transaction that has not yet been fully processed by the merchant but impacts your available balance.

Posted - Posted transactions are purchases that have been fully processed by the merchant.