One-Time Passcodes (OTP)

One-Time Passcode offers an additional layer of security as you conduct online Credit and Visa Debit Card transactions. OTP helps to reduce the risk of potential fraudulent online transactions and enhances the fraud surveillance and security mechanisms associated with our cards.


How does OTP work?

OTP will only apply to transactions initiated online that are deemed medium-high risk. Medium-high risk transactions, refers to any transaction, for which supplemental authorization is required to confirm validity, during the online checkout process.

Medium-high risk online transactions which meet the criteria will generate a one-time passcode which will be sent to the client’s mobile number on file. The One-Time Passcode will only be sent via SMS message, and transactions will not be processed for a transaction which required OTP, if the one-time passcode is not entered


For transactions which meet the criteria for additional verification, the authentication will appear as an additional step, after entering your card details at checkout. The following will apply:

At checkout

During checkout you will be presented with a screen which advises of the need for an OTP should your transaction meet the criteria.

Receiving the SMS

The OTP will be sent via SMS message, to your mobile telephone number listed on file.

Completing the transaction

You will be prompted to enter the OTP in the field provided on screen, to complete the transaction. If the OTP is not entered, the transaction will not be processed.

If you are presented with a screen which requests the one time passcode but did not receive the code, please contact our Customer Care and Sales Centre team at 1 866 743 2257, to confirm the mobile number on file.


Important Information:

If you receive an OTP for a transaction you did not initiate, please take the following steps:

  • Freeze your card in the Online Banking or Mobile App.
  • Contact the Customer Care Team immediately and report the unauthorized activity.
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Toll Free from Canada and USA 1-866-743-2257
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