Introducing our new Digital Banking features!


Sign in help

If you've forgot or lost access to your User Id retrieve it easily...

  • Click on "Having Trouble Signing in?" we've got Sign in help for you.
  • Retrieve your USer ID as well as your password in a few clicks!


MasterCard Alerts

MasterCard clients can freeze their card, track activity with alerts and block transactions for greater security. 

  • Log On
  • Navigate to your MasterCard
  • Select Card Security Controls
  • Enable your security controls for peace of mind!


At CIBC FirstCaribbean…we make banking easy!

Bank Anywhere, Anytime with CIBC FirstCaribbean digital banking services

Perform your day-to-day banking, securely & conveniently with Online Banking or our Mobile App

  • Check balances on your savings, chequing, credit card & loan accounts
  • Track all transactions on your savings, chequing and credit card accounts
  • Stay up to date with your Card transactions with Alerts and manage access to your cards if you are worried about suspicious activity 
  • View and download your account statements at anytime with our Paperless Statements feature.


Register for Online Banking to bank on your desktop or laptop. Download our Mobile App  apple app store icon  google play icon to bank via tablet or mobile device. It's easy, convenient and secure. 

Find questions for your most Frequently Asked Questions here>>

Online Banking Terms & Conditions

Check Balances and Track Transactions

Stay connected to your finances

  • Check balances on your
    • savings
    • chequing
    • loan accounts
    • & credit cards


  • Track all transactions on your
    • savings
    • chequing
    • & credit cards


Visit our Digitial Banking How To page to learn more >>

Pay Bills

Pay bills across a variety of billers

  • Pay your utilities & insurance, school fees and more.
  • Get automatic credit when you pay your CIBC FirstCaribbean credit card online or via the mobile app
  • Add billers quickly.
  • Pay bills using a unique code (Bahamas only)
  • Schedule recurring payments so your bills are paid on time.
  • View your monthly bill balance on select billers
  • Get more information on making bill payments here>>


Visit our Digital Banking How To page to learn more >>

Transfer Funds

Make Local Transfers

transfer icon
  • Transfer money between your same currency chequing and savings accounts
  • Use our 1stPay service to transfer funds to other CIBC FirstCaribbean clients using a mobile number, email address or unique QR Code.

Find out more about our 1stPay service here>>


  • Perform transfers to other local bank accounts

Get more information on transferring funds to other banks here >>


Visit our Digital Banking How To page to learn more >>

Send International Transfers

international transfer icon


Visit our Digital Banking How To page to learn more >>

Paperless Statements

View your statements online

  • Conveniently view and download your account or credit card statements whenever you need
  • Protect the environment
  • To view your statements
    • Log on to Online Banking 
    • Go to ‘Statements’ 
    • Select the account and statement period
    • Download the pdf of the statement selected


Visit our Digital Banking How To page to learn more >>

Online Banking Security

An extra layer of security for your banking transactions. 

security icon
  • You will be prompted to enter a one-time verification code before you complete a sensitive transaction that requires greater protection,.
  • After your password, it serves as a second check to make sure it’s really you accessing your account.

Learn more about how you can protect yourself and your money by enabling 2 Step Verification here>>

Card Security

Manage access to your debit and credit cards

security icon
  • Freeze your card if it is lost or stolen

Get card transaction alerts

alert icon
  • Receive real-time alerts for debit and credit card transactions
Easy Card Activation

You can activate your cards easily with Online Banking and our Mobile App

With the added convenience of activating your Visa Debit or Credit Cards via Online Banking and the Mobile App, there is no need to visit the branch or call us to activate your card. 

Cardholders simply need to follow these easy steps:  

  • Log on to Online Banking or our Mobile App
  • Select “Manage My Cards”
  • Select “Activate my card” and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Select a PIN during the activation process


At CIBC FirstCaribbean…we make banking easy!

zero data icon

 We're zero-rated on the Digicel and FLOW networks. When Digicel and FLOW clients visit, bank or apply for a product on our sites, they will not incur data charges. Learn more here >>

Digicel - Antigua | Barbados | Grenada | St. Kitts & Nevis | St. Lucia 

FLOW - Antigua | Barbados | British Virgin Islands | Cayman | Grenada | Jamaica  | St. Kitts & Nevis | St. Lucia | Turks & Caicos Islands